About Us

LGS has provided software for the casino industry for more than 25 years. During that time, we have worked with many casinos all over the United States and internationally. Our experience has shown that not only are there differences from one jurisdiction to another, but also from one casino to the next in the same city. The goal of our development team has been to build in as many variables and options as possible to allow our casino customers to operate their businesses the way they would like (instead of being limited to what the software will allow). At LGS, we strive to protect your investments today and tomorrow.

Here at LGS we believe in thorough training and strong customer support. With our products you have access to on-site training when the products are installed and at any time after that. As a maintenance and support customer, you receive 24/7 telephone support, where you will actually talk to live human beings based in Reno, NV. Our support staff has many years of experience and can connect directly to your system if necessary to provide any assistance you may need.