LGS started out in Reno in late 70′s as Nevada Computer Services (NCS). Its first product was a slot analysis system, but quickly grew to provide most of the software applications a casino might need to operate efficiently, including a property management (hotel) system. The company was bought by Lodgistix – a property management software company, but soon after that found its way back into the gaming industry under a few different names, eventually ending up as “Lodging Systems.” In 1993, the name was changed to “Lodging & Gaming Systems.” In the early 2000s, the company encountered some management problems, temporarily lost its direction, and found itself in bankruptcy. In 2006, the company was bought by former LGS programmers, Dave McDowell and Chris Kurtz, who spent the next few years re-tooling and focusing on the Casino Management System software. By 2009, the company had a brand new Casino Management System ready for market, and by 2010, the new product had been installed in casinos in four states, and named the LGS Edge. Dave McDowell, the new president/owner of LGS, recently said, “My commitment for LGS is to make our LGS Edge product not only the best casino management system in the industry, but also the most affordable.”