Our Services

Is LGS a software company that also provides service? Or is LGS a service company that also sells software? It probably depends on who you ask, but we are so passionate about both facets of our business that it is impossible to separate the two. The software usually comes first, but once it is implemented, that’s when our commitment to provide the best service in the industry kicks in. Let’s look at the two facets individually.

The Product – ‘LGS Edge’ Casino Management System

We are proud to make the claim that the LGS Edge casino management system is second to none in the industry for feature & function, for stability, and for flexibility. We will stand by that claim as we continually strive to improve it and keep it in front – ‘on the cutting edge’ of available technologies. If there is a beneficial feature or technology that we are not yet incorporating into our system, just bring it to our attention and we will move as quickly as possible (within the structure and rules of your particular gaming jurisdiction’s regulatory environment) to implement it. We are even happy to add custom features (again – within the boundaries of your regulatory environment).

The basic components of the LGS Edge casino management are Customer/Patron Management (what we call our Customer Database module), Player Tracking, Cage & Credit, and Table Games Analysis. More detailed information can be found on each module’s individual page. This system was developed using 30 years of experience providing casino software solutions, and includes all the most important and most frequently used features of a full-functional casino management system.

A brief mention is needed here about the importance of a “stable” system. Many times, when asked what they liked best about LGS applications, our customers have echoed the same sentiment – something like “it just works”. We know that many casinos are 24-7 operations and cannot afford “down-time”. This was the biggest single factor many years ago in selecting the IBM platform that we chose. It is also why we constantly strive for the greatest stability we can with our applications. There is no such thing as a “bug-free” software application – especially one that is constantly being upgraded with new improved features & technology. But at LGS, it is one of our most important goals, and we believe this system to be the most stable in the industry.

It has long been the opinion of LGS management that, generally speaking, casino vendors (at least in the area of our products & services) charge significantly more than they need to. One of our main goals for the LGS Edge product is that it would not only be the best of its kind available, but also be the most affordable.

Our Service – Support

Once your software has been implemented, our 24-7 live support team takes over. We maintain live support technicians (in the U.S.) around the clock to assist you with whatever you may need. The average level of experience of our team members in doing this is probably around 15 years. Once your product is installed, not only are we available whenever you need us, we are usually proactive at “keeping an eye” on you – periodically checking in to see how things are going and what we might do to improve your experience.

Our Service – Training

We believe in thorough training of front-line users, and we provide on-site classroom training before the software is implemented and at any time afterwards. We have found that no matter how well trained your staff may be at “go-live” time, over a period of time skill levels tend to decline, due to turnover and other reasons. Periodic “refresher” courses usually provide a significant improvement in your staff’s ability to use the software efficiently.

Our Service – Consulting

We also provide consulting services based on our decades of experience in the casino industry. If you are in need of such services, please contact our office and we will be glad to arrange a meeting with a consultant.