Cage and Credit

The Cage/Credit module is designed to provide user-defined configuration of a full-functional casino cage, from tracking cash transactions (Title 31), to check cashing, credit (markers), accounts receivable, collections, etc. We believe the LGS Edge Cage/Credit module is the finest system available in the casino industry today.


  • 24-hour or 8-hour shift control
  • Overlimit authority by user
  • Transaction limit authority by user for all transaction types
  • Point-and-click on credit summary amounts for detail behind that amount
  • Optional cash denomination tracking for all main transaction types
  • Optionally limit transaction change & void authority for some users to only what they entered
  • Transaction warnings & errors based on patron bank ratings
  • User-defined methods-of-payment for all transaction types
  • Shift change time control and on-screen reminders

Patron Credit Line Management

  • User-defined credit line status codes
  • User-defined reason codes on selected status codes
  • User-defined control of patron credit functions with each status code
  • Separate permanent and temporary credit lines, with complete change history on each.
  • Primary & secondary credit approval limits by user for temporary and permanent credit lines
  • Separate user credit approval limits for individual and business accounts

Check Cashing

  • Personal check cashing
  • Payroll/business check cashing
  • Bank Master includes Thomson/Accuity external bank master support

Front Money & Safekeeping

  • Deposits, withdrawals, vouchers, etc.


  • Cage marker issue and payment
  • Pit marker issue & payment
  • Individual & mass pit marker transfer tracking & control
  • Cage vs. A/R marker accountability tracking

A/R & Collections

  • Returns
  • Redeposits
  • Writeoffs
  • Miscellaneous Credits & Debits
  • Settlements (Derog & Non-derog)
  • Individual collection status tracking of receivable items
  • Extensive reporting, including Summary and Detail Aging Analysis for any past date
  • Patron Reminders by user (“tickler list”)