Customer Database

One of the unique features of the LGS Edge Casino Management System is the Customer Database module. This module maintains all of your customer information, relationships and accounts in one centralized database. This central repository can be referenced by any application – Player tracking, Cage/Credit, Hotel, Marketing applications,etc.

  • Features independent Customer Database application with capability of interfacing to virtually any customer-based application.
  • Stores all pertinent non-application-specific patron data
  • Address, social security, drivers license
  • Employers, telephones, expiration dates, demographics, interests
  • Participations, email addresses, comments, physical description
  • Spouse relationship tracking – accessible at application level

Casino Core


  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliant (all applications)
  • Multi-property & Corporate overview capable
  • Title 31 compliant


  • Features both menu-driven and function-driven ease of navigation
  • User-defined function names (even multiple names for the same function, if you desire)
  • Menus, pop-up windows, and functions support point-and-click navigation
  • Fully customizable user menus, including default menu by user


  • Total password control – length, characters, expiration, max invalid tries, history, etc.
  • Direct or indirect (by authority reference) function security
  • Sub-function security (field and function-key level within functions)
  • Optional Menu security
  • Log users access to system, specific functions, and even patrons
  • Log all changes to patron master data, control file data, and transactions
  • Optionally require second entry of password for specific functions


  • Seamless integration of in-house or third party custom functions
  • User-defined library list management at both application and function level
  • User-defined departments and areas
  • Easy routing of printed output at report, area, and workstation level
  • User definable section of application close-day process (to add custom programs)

Patron Comments

  • Separate Player, Cage, and Collection categories with access control
  • Extended comment capability – up to 400 characters
  • Optional individual comment display attributes
  • Optional patron comment expiration with purging and optional archiving