System Interfaces

In today’s world of increasingly specialized systems, needing to “talk to each other” is a fact of life in any full-functional casino management system. For example, the most common is a slot floor system, but there are also Keno systems, bill counters, point-of-sale systems, kiosks, hotel systems, etc. The list goes on & on.

At LGS, we have successfully “interfaced” to literally hundreds of peripheral systems over the last few decades. It is a world we are very comfortable in because we have the experience and expertise to handle just about any interface. We like to say that “we can talk to anything that will talk to us,” because it’s true. You can ask just about any LGS customer and you will hear that our interfaces are extremely stable, efficient, and about as user-friendly as an interface can be.

One question we frequently get asked is, “Will this system interface to my slot floor system?”

The Answer: “Yes.” LGS has interfaced with just about every major vendor in the casino industry over the years (IGT, Bally, Aristocrat, Micros, InfoGenesis, XpertX, Agilysys, Cummins, etc.). Each of those vendors releases new versions fairly regularly, requiring that we release a corresponding new version of that interface. Our commitment is to stay as current as possible with any interface being used by our customers. As long as those vendors can supply us with any new “specs,” we are extremely comfortable with our technicians’ ability to support the latest versions of any of these interfaces.