The LGS Edge

What is the “LGS Edge?” It’s the name for the latest version of our casino management system. LGS is certainly not new to the casino management software game. We have been providing casino software solutions for more than 30 years.

There were several reasons behind choosing LGS Edge as the name for our product. One, is that we truly believe our product can give you an edge on your competition. It’s not that there is any one bell or whistle in this package that is completely revolutionary or can’t be found anywhere else. But, we believe that you will not find another package that gives you such a comprehensive collection of tools, especially at such a reasonable price. Here are a few examples of what you will find included in this package:

Customer Database

This is a module that could stand alone as a patron management application, interfacing to any number of other applications, and is truly unique in the industry. It manages the customer-specific information for the Player Tracking application and the Cage/Credit application. See the Customer Database page for more information.

Player Tracking

This module is the heart of the Edge system, and provides a wealth of information about your players. It provides all the normal history and trip information, plus up to 10 different types of patron reinvestment categories (commonly known as comps and/or points). It contains unlimited tiers or player clubs, plus promotional tools such as Virtual Drawings, Groups, Offers, Events, Prizes, and Coupons. The system also supports Point-of-Sale interfaces and player Kiosks. For a more complete list of features, please see the Player Tracking page. Not only can the player tracking system interface to your slot floor system, it may be the only system in the industry that can simultaneously talk to multiple slot systems at once – even different vendors’ slot systems (e.g., Bally & IGT).¬†With our new browser-based screen navigation, you will be able to easily use any handheld device with a browser (think Iphone, Ipad, etc.) to operate this application.


Although often not considered as one of the main reasons to select a casino management system, this cage/credit system was designed with the credit manager in mind. In fact, it was designed using long-time casino credit managers as our consultants. It features all the regular cage stuff of course (like check cashing, markers, safekeeping, and front money). It also features a full set of A/R functions, including returns, redeposits, write-offs, aging analysis, settlements, payments, reminders, miscellaneous credits & debits, marker accountability, separate tracking of casino & hotel returns, and even tracking and balancing of receivables sent to outside agencies. The system also supports peripheral devices such as card readers, drivers license scanners, and check scanners. See the Cage and Credit page for a more detailed list of features.

Table Games Analysis/Vault Management

The Table Games module is basically designed to handle all the normal Table Games accounting, such as Fills & Credits, Inventory, Soft Count, and Audit. It features user-defined calculations of Drop & Win (multiple types) so that you can adjust the calculations according to any special reporting needs your particular gaming regulatory body may require (with no need for custom programming). See the Table Games page for a more detailed list of features.

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