Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this system interface to my slot floor system?

A: Yes. LGS has interfaced with just about every major vendor in the casino industry over the years (IGT, Bally, Aristocrat, Micros, InfoGenesis, XpertX, Agilysys, Cummins, etc.). Each of those vendors releases new versions fairly regularly, requiring that we release a corresponding new version of that interface. Our commitment is to stay as current as possible with any interface being used by our customers. As long as those vendors can supply us with any new “specs”, we are extremely comfortable with our technicians’ ability to support the latest versions of any of these interfaces.

Q: Compared to the “big boys”, LGS is a fairly small company. How do I know you’ll be around in 5 years?

A: LGS has been providing casino management software for more than a quarter-century, even through the toughest period in its history (the bankruptcy of the early 2000s). Even when the company changed hands several times in the 80s, the products were strong and the service kept going. LGS has come back even stronger and is growing again. In fact, LGS is the healthiest financially and technologically that it has been in over a decade..

The concern about doing business with a small company is fairly common and even understandable, but the fact is, there are probably more advantages to dealing with a small company…

  • Low price – you are not paying for extraordinary overhead
  • Excellent customer service – we care about our customers and we work harder for you
  • Specialized customizations – we have found that one size does not fit all. We ensure our system is “right” for your organization
  • Quick response time – We have eliminated minutia and we can get you answers and results quickly and efficiently